Wednesday, April 16, 2014

GC Pro Revs Up the Audio for Shelby American Bash

Few names in high-performance automotive design carry the weight of Shelby American. The company has been creating high-performance cars since the early 1960s, after founder Carroll Shelby retired from his brief racing career. Since then, cars like the Shelby Cobra as well as his famous Ford Mustang-based Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 have set the benchmarks for drivers with the need for speed.

Each year at the Shelby Motor Company headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company holds an annual event called the Shelby American Bash, where Shelby vehicle owners from across the country can come together and compare their vintage and new Shelby models. The event features live music and other events where audio needs to be loud and clear over the roaring of those race engines. For the past two years, GC Pro along with Guitar Center's Las Vegas Townsquare location have supplied the audio and lighting gear to make the event a huge success. Additionally, GC Pro staff assisted in setting up and doing the live sound engineering for bands performing at the event.

The 2014 Shelby Bash was particularly significant, with this being the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. This year's event also commemorated the first time the Shelby Bash has been held in the newly relocated headquarters of Shelby American. Shelby's new HQ is located just off the strip, next door to Guitar Center’s Townsquare location. The new facility houses all operations of the Shelby American Motor Company, consolidating multiple buildings near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway into one single location that is easily accessible to tourists and motor enthusiasts.

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