Monday, November 18, 2013

Steven Slate at Guitar Center Seattle

Hey Seattle: Clear your calendar for Monday, November 25. Steven Slate, the innovative mastermind from Slate Audio, will be appearing at Guitar Center Seattle (530 Westlake Ave.) for a completely free training and demo of the amazing RAVEN MTX and RAVEN MTi multitouch production consoles.

Slate's RAVEN consoles put your DAW at your fingertips and your creativity begins to flow. The lightning-fast virtual control surface running user-customizable RAVEN software lets you follow your instincts with nothing in the way. Other controllers and consoles are what they are from the day you buy them to the day you retire them. The Slate RAVEN virtual control surface will always adapt and evolve to offer the quickest and most intuitive workflow in your studio. The RAVEN removes all obstacles between you and your DAW.

The Seattle Guitar Center is also a GC Pro location, located on the corner of Westlake and Mercer in the beautiful neighborhood of South Lake Union. Visitors get free parking on the roof. For more information, contact Seattle's GC Pro representative Maryam Haddad at 206-455-5633 or at

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sonnox Plug-In Sale

Between now and November 30, 2013, Sonnox is offering 40% discounts off their award-winning plug-ins and bundles. In fact, they're adding this deal to their already amazing discounts on custom bundles, so this sale means an additional 40% discount!

It's Sonnox's biggest sale ever, so whether you were looking at some individual plug-ins or entire bundles, now is the time to buy. Sale pricing does not include upgrades, cross-grades, or education sales. Contact your GC Pro representative today to get in on these Sonnox deals while the getting's good.

In other Sonnox news, the company has completed porting all of their existing TDM plug-ins to AAX DSP. The final plug-in to join the AAX DSP ranks is the Oxford Reverb. This versatile plug-in not only sounds incredible, but offers complete versatility in building complete spaces from scratch. It also comes with over 100 outstanding presets. If you're running Pro Tools HDX, you can get this outstanding reverb at 40% off this month!

Take advantage of this limited-time offer from Sonnox by contacting your GC Pro rep here, or calling us toll-free at 877-687-5404!