Thursday, October 16, 2014

Best of AES 2014: Neumann U 47 fet

GC Pro has returned from a tremendously successful 2014 Audio Engineering Society (AES) show, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center not very far from our headquarters in Westlake Village, CA. We'll be taking a closer look at a number of products that we found especially interesting, useful, or just plain cool. The first is the new U 47 fet from one of the most respected and venerable names in audio technology: Neumann.

The History
The Neumann U 47 is perhaps the most respected professional studio microphone in history. Produced from 1949-1965, the original U 47 was a tube-based microphone, and its legendary status was cemented by the recordings of an entire generation of singers and bands. From 1972-1986, Neumann manufactured a new transistor-powered version of the U 47 which also was tremendously popular, and became the mic of choice for such varied artists as AC/DC, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., the Pretenders, a-ha, Dire Straits, Metallica, and many others. More than a vocal microphone, the U 47 fet gained an excellent reputation for handling the low end on sources like kick drums, basses, and even guitar amp cabinets. Since that time frame in the mid-80s, there have been many mics that have tried to emulate the distinctive response of the U 47 fet, with varying degrees of success.

The Return
Launched at AES, the new U 47 fet Collectors Edition was created by Neumann's design team, who went back to the original production documents and schematics for this modern classic. As a mic designed for collectors, it includes a special wooden case, and a certificate of authenticity with each mic. As you'd suspect, the new U 47 is a condenser microphone with a set cardioid direction, and uses fet 80 circuitry like its predecessor. Neumann has once again turned to the classic K 47 large-diaphragm capsule that was used in both the original tube and fet-based version of the mic. This K 47 capsule offers well-known the pleasing bump in the range above 2kHz which seems to work sparkly magic on everything that runs through it.

The U 47 fet also includes a low-cut filter at 140Hz to get rid of unwanted rumble, and a -10db pad to work with high SPL sources. Finally, it has the integrated bracket that's made it so recognizable in studios around the world, as well as the classic nickel finish.

GC Pro: Your Classic (and New Classic) Microphone Resource
The new Neumann U 47 fet is already destined to continue the legendary status of its forerunners, and GC Pro will have a limited number of these top-tier studio mics available soon. To set up a demo, or to inquire about any of our wide range of world-class mics in the GC Pro mic locker, contact your GC Pro representative now.

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