Monday, September 14, 2015

Las Vegas: Audio Alchemist Event Coming Sep 24

Have you ever been to an Audio Alchemist event? If not, let us fill you in: it's an evening where you get to taste-test some of the world's best audio gear, while you're also tasting craft beer and Thai food. Hosted by respected experts in the world of studio recording and attended by your colleagues in the art and profession of audio, the only thing that could make an Audio Alchemist event better is if it were free. And it is, friends, it is.

The next Audio Alchemist event is being held at Studio at The Palms in Las Vegas on September 24, from 7-10PM. Attendance is free, but please RSVP by contacting GC Pro below so we can ensure your spot. Things to look forward to at the upcoming event:

•Discover why a hard drive is the inviolate caretaker of your personal creative real estate and that all hard drives are not created equally; nor are they insured against cataclysm by warranty and data recovery coverage like Glyph Technologies.

•Audition Retro Instruments’ effortless tone. Explore the true legacy of vintage audio NOS tube technology fused with modern custom wound transformers that will improve your vocal, instrument, soundscape and song every time.

•Learn why Dangerous Music's monitoring management is the most critical component of your system: “Because you can’t mix what you can’t hear”. Discover how analog summing with a 2-BUS+ or D-BOX will breathe your mix to life.

Audio Alchemist
Thursday September 24, 7-10PM
Studio at The Palms
4321 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103

To reserve your spot at this special Audio Alchemist event, call GC Pro at 877-687-5404.

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