Monday, December 2, 2013

Get a Slate Virtual Buss Compressor with RAVEN MTi

You've probably already heard about the Slate RAVEN MTi... it's the revolutionary multi-touch mixer/controller that puts your DAW right at your fingertips. From now through December 15, there's yet another reason to get your RAVEN MTi: Slate Digital is offering their acclaimed Virtual Buss Compressor (a $249 value) for free with every RAVEN MTi purchase.

The RAVEN MTi is a virtual control surface designed to allow your creativity to flow. The lightning-fast virtual control surface, running user-customizable RAVEN software, lets you follow your instincts with nothing in the way. Other controllers and consoles are what they are-from the day you buy them, to the day you retire them. The Slate Media Technology RAVEN virtual control surface will always adapt and evolve to offer the quickest and most intuitive workflow in your studio. The RAVEN MTi removes all obstacles between you and your DAW.

Take Advantage Today from Slate and GC Pro
This special offer only lasts until Sunday December 15, so don't wait; contact your GC Pro representative now and order your RAVEN MTi today. Redeeming your free compressor offer couldn't be easier. Just email a clear image of your RAVEN MTi purchase receipt that you bought between November 29 and December 15 to, and you will get your free VBC download and authorization instructions. Note that an iLok2 is required to run the software, which is also available from GC Pro if needed.

Click here for more information on the RAVEN MTi. Click here to get in touch with your local GC Pro representative today.

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