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The Slate RAVEN MTX is a revolutionary product for professional audio, so it's only natural that everyone has a lot of questions about what it is, how it integrates into a studio, and what advantages it presents. Slate Audio has provided this FAQ that will answer everything you ever wanted to know about RAVEN, and more. To get a demo of the RAVEN, contact your GC Pro representative here.

Q: What is The RAVEN?
A: The RAVEN is a state of the art Multitouch Production Console and DAW controller, compatible with all major DAWs. RAVEN ships with Pro Tools 10 & 11 compatibility and will soon offer other DAWs, such as Logic and Cubase/Nuendo, Live etc.

Q:  Does The RAVEN need a computer to run?
A:  Yes, your computer.  The RAVEN runs on the same computer as your DAW and is used as the main display.  You can use additional displays if your computer supports them.

Q: How does The RAVEN work?
A: The RAVEN is cutting edge hardware and the world’s only multitouch DAW controller on a Mac allowing you to touch the DAW itself, not an external device.  RAVEN integrates with your DAW, allows for instantaneous control of all of the user’s DAW parameters, and adds many workflow enhancing features through its user-customizable controls.

Q:  How do I hook up The RAVEN?
A:  RAVEN is plug-n-play.  Just like a computer display and a USB device.  All you need is one standard DVI cable and one USB 2.0 connection from your computer.  Industry standard DB25 audio cables and breakouts connect to your audio interface, speakers, and/or patchbay. For more information, watch the “Raven QuickStart” video available on SlateDigitalTV via YouTube.

Q:  Will my arms get tired?
A:  Our arms are feeling great!  The Slate team found the ideal ergonomic relationships that make up the RAVEN MTX console.  Moving your arms, hands and fingers around the multitouch screen is fast, fun, intuitive and promotes good health.

Q: How is the RAVEN Mixer different from the mixer in my DAW?
A: The RAVEN turns your DAW mixer a multitouch controller.

Q: How does the RAVEN Software connect to my DAW?
A:  RAVEN programming team created the RAVEN Protocol which connects to your DAW via the industry standard NeyFi protocol.  No ethernet or MIDI required.

Q: Am I able to use more than one finger to touch the RAVEN?
A: RAVEN enables the user to have multitouch access to one’s essential mixing tools with up to twelve simultaneous touch points.  Editing is done with direct single touch.

Q: Are Plugins touch capable as well?
A: Yes! Reach out and touch your plugins.  Manufacturers are developing multitouch plugins for RAVEN.  In the case of really small plugin GUI controls, a mouse or trackball works great.

Q:  What do RAVEN’s analog components do?
A:  RAVEN provides high-resolution analog monitoring in stereo and 7.1 surround for the ultimate clear monitoring experience.

Q: Is the RAVEN a computer audio interface?
A: No, the RAVEN does provide pristine analog monitoring for multiple sources, headphones and speakers.  You will continue to use your converters and preamps as normal.

Q:  What does The RAVEN sound like?
A:  The RAVEN Mixer software does not process audio, rather it provides multitouch control of your DAW which is ideally running the industry’s best plugins from Slate Digital and Steven Slate Drums.

Q:  Why does The RAVEN also include a keyboard and trackball area?
A:  Our multitouch mixer, customizable toolbar and Direct DAW Touch promote fast, intuitive workflows.  Sometimes it’s easier to type on the keyboard, especially if you’re emailing and some operations work great using a traditional trackball.  We recommend a hybrid approach.

Q:  How will the large display affect the sound of my speakers?
A:  RAVEN’s acoustic characteristics are an improvement upon traditional consoles and work surfaces.  Here’s what world renown studio architect and master acoustician Wes Lachot had to say:  “The good news about your console design – the 40° angle precludes the comb filtering effect of a typical console.  That’s something you can advertise – that’s a cool thing.”

Q:  What’s the effect of working close to a large display?
A:  The RAVEN display is LED backlit, which means it consumes very little power and emits less EMI.  The image is clear and the brightness controls make it easy to set up to your liking.  Our Samsung display will last 5-7 years running 24 hours a day.

Q: What is the resolution of the screen?
A: HD resolution.  1920×1080 pixels.

Q: Can I attach an additional display?
A: Yes, if your computer can.  On a Mac, additional displays can be configured in the System Preferences of your computer.   Note: Additional displays will not be touch capable, unless it is a RAVEN.

Q: What do I do if something happens to my screen, or it goes out?
A: The Raven is designed to be easily serviceable. In the case of screen damage, we can ship a new screen and have it installed into the unit. The serviceability and cost of most components are substantially below that of replacing a single hardware fader of an analog console.

Q: How hot does The RAVEN get?
A: The Raven consumes very little power and therefore produces little heat.  It’s difficult to detect any temperature increase on the display surface itself.

Additional Answers:
Raven will first ship with Mac compatibility, but will also be Windows compatible.  Users also provide the audio interface of their choice.  Raven’s analog audio electronics connect simply and seamlessly to to DB25-equipped audio interfaces.  No patching is required to quickly switch between stereo and surround mixing and monitoring modes.

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